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Dealing with wedding pressure

Most engaged couples, if not all, are stressed out about wedding planning and this negatively affects their lifestyle. Sometimes everything might seem to be chaotic. Deposits need to be paid to secure the dates and you still have a life, bills still need to be paid and you still have a job to go to yet wedding planning seems to be a job on its own.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with wedding pressure:

1. Prioritize

The most important thing is to prioritize everything needed for your dream wedding in order of importance. Have a schedule whereby you write down everything with the dates by which everything must be done so that you do not do everything all at once and you give everything special attention.

2. Communicate

The wedding committee may contribute to the wedding pressure and because you have asked for their assistance in planning the wedding, whether financially or morally, they have a say in what goes for your wedding. The most important thing is to communicate with them. Share your vision right from the start. Tell them what you want your wedding to be like and appreciate their concerns by explaining why you choose a certain thing over the other. Do not ask someone to help you in a certain area and go and do the same thing as well, it demotivates those who want to assist you.

3. Create a plan B

Sometimes service providers can be so stressing, they might tell you they will have something by a certain date and when you get there, they tell you another story. The best thing is to always have a plan B for everything, if this provider fails to cooperate before this certain date, you will have to go with option B. Same goes if things seem to be going over your budget, look for a cheaper alternative to help you remain within your budget.

4. Make time for your care Sometimes the wedding pressure can get to you so much that one is unable to eat or take care of their wellbeing. Remember, the wedding is a one-day event and you will still have to live after the wedding. Take care of your diet, eat healthily, and exercise.

5. Pray

Sometimes everything might seem not to be going according to plan with every service provider giving you excuses and failing to deliver on your requests before the wedding day. Sometimes relatives and friends will come with their ideas telling you that you should have done this instead of this. In all this, pray for guidance from God so that everything goes smoothly and for the spirit of self-control because when the pressure becomes too much, you may burst out and say what you never meant to say. Therefore, prayer is of utmost importance.

6. Go on a date

Wedding pressure can pull you apart from your partner instead of bringing you together because you’re both looking for money to make this wedding a success and conflicts may arise during the meetings towards the wedding between your relatives and your partners’ relatives. It is important that you make time for each other, go on a date, and talk about everything else except for the wedding. It is not wasting money; it is relieving the pressure.

Wedding planning pressure is inevitable, but you must plan carefully to avoid pressure mounting and affecting your health. Seek help where you feel you are overwhelmed; you do not want to hate your wedding pictures because you looked so thin from wedding planning.

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