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Landing a good MC

By Folen Murapa

A Master of Ceremony can be likened to the Captain of a ship. He steers the ship, taking passengers to their desired destination. No passenger will embark on a journey with a captain whose skills they are unsure of. Such is the relationship between a Master of Ceremony and their client.

MC Folen

Attributes of a good MC include but are not limited to, professionalism, time conscious, people-person, balanced, confident, humorous, sensitive…the list goes on. How then does a client find all these in one person? Impossible! I will share a few steps to identifying the ideal MC.

Step 1

Be sure to share your vision with the intended MC. What ambience do you want to create for your big day? Ask questions on how they will handle various scenarios. Take it as an interview. N.B: Videos of previous works do not work here, each event is different depending on client vision and realities on the ground.

Step 2

Invite your MC to one of the wedding meetings. Be sure to share with the wedding committee your terms of reference for the MC. Include dress code for the MC, if it matters to you. Allow the MC to share past experiences that can be avoided or duplicated. Appoint a focal person who will work with the MC on the day. Too many cooks spoil the dish- instructions from every wedding committee member can confuse an otherwise good MC.

Step 3

On the day trust that you have chosen well and relax as the MC takes care of your wedding. Remember the MC is coordinating all the service providers so that they render their services to the best of their abilities without hindrance. Don’t allow Babamukuru Joram to come and rearrange the serving plan for the caterer. Those long speeches may turn a good wedding party into a rally. Your MC will now ensure all these aspects are taken care of.

So a good MC will ensure they create the right mood for a wedding that will be talked about years later. Imagine a cold July wedding and guests huddling in small groups. “A people-person MC will entice guests to the dance floor and shake off the cold. Sensitivity is also a key attribute of a good MC.”

Guests are a cocktail of personalities, religions, political affiliations- you name it. Humour should be natural and steer away from sensitive topics. Creating a balance is key in such set ups. There you have it, next time you are thinking of an MC be clear do you want a dancing MC, comic MC, straight jacket MC? You vision determines your choice….

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