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The church conference spark

1 February 2020, as the bride, Tinotenda walked down the aisle, she sang for her soon-to-be husband. As the groom realized that this was a song dedicated specially for him, he couldn’t help his tears. The day had finally come for them to become husband and wife. It was at a church conference that Michael and Tino met.

Tinotenda and Michael Mhlanga

Michael was one of the preachers at the conference and Tinotenda assisted in hosting the guest preachers. It was at this conference that Tinotenda rededicated her life to Jesus and became born again. After the conference, Michael asked for Tino’s number, unbeknown to Tino that Mike had taken a liking for her. Having conversed on the phone, they went on a few dates and upon the realization of a lot of things in common among many other good traits, they fell in love.

It was exactly after a month they had met that Michael declared, “Listen here young lady, I’m not dating you just for fun. I want to marry you and I want to marry young.”

Theirs is a love that seemed too good to be true, it wasn’t easy for them to be separated from each other. However, Michael was awarded a scholarship to further his education in China and this was an opportunity he couldn’t miss. “I was puzzled, so heartbroken but we decided we’d try as much as possible to make it work,” says Tinotenda.

Thanks to technology, they kept in touch, and Tino would visit Mike in China. A few months later, Mike proposed to Tino over the phone. Lobola was paid in June 2019 and the wedding was slated for February 15. However, because of work commitments, the wedding date had to change to the 1st of February. Tino and Mike saw the hands of God in planning the wedding.

The wedding had been scheduled for 15 February, but Mike had some commitments at work at that time so they had to move the date back by two weeks. Heaven knows what could have happened had the airports been closed due to Covid 19 before Michael had come home.

Held at Matenga Village, the wedding ceremony started at around 3 pm with the bridesmaids dressed in long burgundy dresses with slits and the groomsmen in cream and burgundy suits. The reception was breathtaking in a classy glass tent and simple but elegant décor. Not everything went according to plan but no regrets as the wedding turned out better. The bride and groom danced the night away and it was indeed an Ideal Wedding.

As for advice to future brides, Tino has this to say; “Before involving people, before having the wedding planning meetings, have a picture of what you want your wedding to be like, not necessarily what your parents want. Don’t be forced into inviting people you don’t even know because of family pressure. Invite the most important people who celebrate and love you genuinely. Have a wedding that you can afford because there is life after the wedding. Above all, pray and enjoy the wedding planning.”

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