Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

Ivy Chibanda, Ideal Weddings Managing editor

Hello everyone! We made it to the second edition! Thank you so much for the overwhelming responses and feedback. This edition is filled with exciting stories and more wedding planning tips.

We are still in lockdown because of the spike of the COVID 19 cases but that has not stopped people from being joined together in holy matrimony. This month’s theme is Lockdown Weddings. We cover lockdown weddings from different parts of the world with several interesting concepts you might pick up! Whoever thought of a drive-by wedding? A couple in California had a ‘drive-by’ wedding with the guests driving by during the wedding ceremony!

Most people want to wed but the huge costs often cause people to think twice about having a proper wedding. If you’ve wanted to wed and were thinking twice because of cost, there’s an article for you on how you can have your wedding at minimum costs.

Sometimes we are so focused on having a wedding forgetting that there’s life after the wedding, there’s a marriage. What should you expect from marriage and how do you prepare for it? Elder Dee discusses the importance of marriage counselling in the Etiquette and advice section.

One of our readers also suggested a topic that worries many brides but may be taken lightly, the issue of choosing the bridal team, whom do you take and whom do you leave? I hope the few pointers we’ve put will help you.

Another interesting topic is about fruit cakes! Has it ever crossed your mind why people use fruit cakes at their weddings? I did a mini-survey and research on this and I got interesting responses. Read about it and tell me what you thrink.

I hope you enjoy this edition as much as you enjoyed the first edition! Looking forward to the 3rd edition!
Remember to sanitize, keep the distance and mask up always!

Happy reading!


Managing Editor

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