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The dream intimate wedding that came true

Vimbai and Boldwin

Not everyone is for big weddings. Those who have always dreamt of small and intimate weddings have not had a difficult time in planning their lockdown weddings. This was the case of Vimbai and Boldwin. They had always wanted a small wedding and their date had been originally 4 July 2020 and so it happened just as they had wished.
Boldwin, who had proposed to Vimbai at a roadblock was a hands-on groom who stood by Vimbai the whole planning process.

It was easy coming up with a guest list so they had invited 20 guests although the gate crushers made the number of guests to 26. Luckily, they had made a provision of ten more guests who might gate crush. The wedding was held at their Pastor’s house, which was at zero cost, and their wedding colours were emerald green, gold, and white.
The décor was amazing and unique, with their cake stand being a tree log from their farm (cutting the cost of the cake stand).

Another unique feature was a bike with white lights and flowers which symbolized their ride to eternity. Since a bike only accommodates two people, this meant their marriage ride was just for the two of them. A unique wheelbarrow cooler was also in place, adding class to the décor.

The vows were the favourite part of the wedding for the lovebirds as they poured their hearts out to each other. Looking back, Vimbai’s only regret is hiring an expensive car for just a 20minute ride, given another chance, she would use an ordinary car.

As for advice to future brides, Vimbai has this to say, : “ My advice to future brides is, “Your wedding day is a day of happiness and it’s for two people, the bride and groom, not the bride only. You should plan and prepare
together, so as to combine ideas in coming up with the theme.

“Where you can, DIY (do it yourself) to cut costs. Also, do something unique, something you will enjoy. Invest in a good photographer and food.

“Get a dress you can wear repeatedly. Above all, pray for the day, for happiness, and a sweet spirit.”

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