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Gladys and Jedidiah Chigariro and their bridal team

A lot of people struggle in one area when planning their wedding, that is the area of choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen. The bride mostly struggles compared to the groom, because men are not very keen on being groomsmen compared to how ladies are keen to be bridesmaids. The bride often struggles with whom to leave in their bridal party. If you’re not careful in choosing your bridal party, you may end up with unnecessary stress.

I remember a wedding I once attended where the maid of honour decided to go shopping in South Africa, on a Thursday when the wedding was on a Saturday. She had hoped to arrive on Friday but because they had problems with customs. She arrived towards the end of the ceremony.
The bride had to assign someone else as their maid of honour the morning of the wedding and she was stressed, giving a bad start to her wedding day.
Here’s the guide to choosing your bridal party.

Choose the people who’ve been there for you
The bridal party should be the people who’ve been there for you, people you trust, people you love and people you know will make your day special.
The people in your bridal party are people you can trust to warm up the dance floor when there seems to be no activity, people who’ll participate in all activities towards the wedding day, and people who will sacrifice to add colour to your day.

Consider the budget
Being part of a bridal team is quite costly, especially if they have to foot the bill of everything they will be wearing on the day.
If you’re not able to cater for any of the expenses for the bridal team, it is advisable to find a bridal team that you know is financially stable and will be able to foot the bill so that they do not feel uncomfortable when certain decisions are made in planning what to wear on the wedding day.

Your siblings should be the first people you consider in your bridal team. Offer your siblings first before asking anyone else. If they say No, it’s okay, at least you’d have given them a choice
The bridal party, after the bride and groom, have the most pictures on the wedding day, you need to have your siblings in those pictures.
It’s such an honour to be part of a bridal party. An honour your siblings deserve!

Consider personalities
Everyone has their unique personality, some of which may be detrimental to the progress of planning the wedding.
Choose people who are not moody and people with happy personalities. Moody people can spoil your day or the planning process because they only want things done their way.
Also, choose people who can control themselves. Your bridesmaids reflect who you are as a bride and the same goes for the groomsmen. Your wedding guests include your in-laws and you don’t want your friends humiliating you.
Make sure the people you choose are able to work with each other, they don’t have to necessarily be besties, but they should be able to work well together.

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