Wedding planning

Choosing the perfect venue

The wedding venue is just about the whole wedding. It determines everything from the date, service providers, budgets, and all. It is important that you consider the following when choosing your wedding venue:

The most important thing is the availability of the venue. The venue determines your wedding date. Some venues are so popular that people have to book two years in advance. What kind of venue do you want and when do you want to wed? Consider that and start scouting for your venue.

Your guest list also determines the venue you will get. You cannot book a venue that usually caters for 300 people for a 50-guest wedding. Find smaller venues, they are more affordable than the bigger venues.

Your budget also determines the choice of venue. Make sure you stay within your budget, there are many venues to choose from, the secret is to find your venue as early as possible. You can also get early booking discounts which would be an advantage to your pocket.

The location of your venue is very important. Consider your guests, are they all going to be driving or are you going to provide transport for them? Choose a venue that is easily accessible to those coming with public transport if you really want those guests to come.

Parking and Security
Consider the parking space. You do not want your guests to be parked far from the ceremony and reception. Also, consider if the venue offers security for the cars in parking.

Venue perks
Consider what the venue comes with. Does it come with décor and catering equipment or you’ll have to outsource? If they provide the décor and catering, do they also allow you to choose not to use them but to use other service providers as outsourcing may turn out cheaper.

If you prefer a venue that is a bit distant from the city, consider a venue that offers accommodation for the bridal team as well as close family. Alternatively, you can also ask if they offer a honeymoon suite for the bride and groom.
Take your time in choosing the venue. Get as many quotations as possible and weigh your options, do not rush the decision as this is a very important aspect of the wedding.

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