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Denise and Roy Jenje

The love story of Denise and Roy made waves on social media as Denise narrated their love story.
A story of set goals and expectations, trials, temptations, and answered prayers. All this led them to declare their love for each other on the 27th of June 2020. One would never believe that a simple front yard could turn into a beautiful venue for a small wedding.

27 June 2020 had been the day they had planned to be their wedding day way before the lockdown. Decorated beautifully with greenery and a white drape at the aisle, as well as fresh flowers on the six tables, no one could believe the transformation that had taken place. Because of COVID 19, the plan had been to have a small signing ceremony with just a few family members and have a proper reception after the lockdown.
However, in Africa, everyone is a close family member and it was difficult to screen who comes and who doesn’t.

The program was unique from other weddings, where the photoshoot session is done after the ceremony. In this case, the photoshoot was done before the ceremony from 11 am. The bride was dressed in a long white dress which showed off her slim figure and the groom was dressed in a neat three-piece grey suit.

After the photoshoot, the guests had cocktails as they awaited the beginning of the ceremony which started at 1230pm. Marked with tears of joy, both the bride and groom walked down the aisle with their mothers holding their hands. It was a brief and beautiful ceremony with beautiful vows that touched the hearts of many.
Lunch was had soon after the ceremony and the guests danced the day away.

What had been planned to be just a small signing ceremony turned out to be a mini-wedding.
“The good thing about our wedding was that we had our closest family and friends to witness our ceremony which made it a special day spent with the most special people in our lives, which was all that mattered,” says Denise.
Looking back at her wedding day, Denise thanks her mother for standing firm with some of the wedding decisions including choosing the dress and deciding on the venue. These decisions contributed greatly to the perfection of the day.

As advice to future brides, Denise urges people to think of what really matters when planning your wedding. In her case, it was about having the closest family present as she got married to the love of her life!

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