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The 30 guest wedding

When a couple chooses their wedding date, there is so much excitement and you so can’t wait for the day! Linnet and John had planned their wedding for 25 April 2020 with everything all set, but unfortunately, the lockdown restrictions meant they were not allowed to wed.

Linnet and John Maruta

They were so confused and disturbed, so much that they could not even get to set another date. Fortunately, their marriage officer chose the 13th of June 2020 for them.

It was a small and intimate wedding with only 30 guests. It wasn’t easy for them to screen people on the guest list, but they had to do it if they wanted the wedding. Held at John’s parent’s’ home, they officially became Mr. and Mrs. Maruta with burgundy and champagne as their wedding colours.

This was not the wedding she had dreamt of but what matters is they marked the beginning of their happily ever after with a wedding ceremony. Given a chance, they would have changed the venue and the cameraman who pretty much arrived late.

However, the good part of intimate weddings is that there is less confusion and there is more time for fun.

The bride’s advice to future brides is to ‘Make your dream wedding a reality, the sky is the limit.’

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