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The God-provided wedding

The moment you get engaged, you can’t wait for your wedding day! Jedidiah asked for Gladys’ hand in marriage on the 4th of May 2018, on her birthday and she happily accepted the proposal, she couldn’t resist getting married to the man she loves so much.

Their wedding date had been set for 25 April 2020 and the planning was going according to plan until the announcement that all gatherings, including weddings, had been forbidden because of COVID 19. This meant the wedding had to be postponed indefinitely.

The couple had an option to get blessed privately and have a proper wedding later but they didn’t want to always have to think they ‘owed’ people a wedding. When the lockdown measures were relaxed a bit, they now wanted to move on with life and so they decided to have their wedding on the 27th of June 2020.

It was a blissful day at Village Gardens with their wedding colours being emerald green and coral pink.

The only hiccup was the transport that was to carry them to the venue arrived a bit late and the bride had to settle for another make-up artist as her make-up artist had other commitments. She still looked beautiful!

It was hard selecting a few family and friends on the guestlist but it had to be done. The few family and friends that were present made it a perfect and enjoyable day with the dances and energy they had. The couple loved everything about the wedding. The bride had so much fun that she only realized after getting the pictures from the photographer that she forgot to wear her jewellery and the bridesmaids forgot their flowers!

Looking back, Gladys thanks God for being the provider and for a stress-free wedding planning journey. “Paida, my friend, asked me how I was gaining weight when I was planning a wedding because most people lose weight when they are planning their weddings.

This was God doing our wedding. The only thing we paid for was our venue, the rest was paid for by God, through his people, and for that, we are grateful,” says Gladys.

As for advice to future brides, Gladys urges couples to do what’s within their budget and avoid splurging. “Don’t have other people’s dream weddings, but have your dream wedding,” she says, “the only people who are supposed to happy on that day are you and your husband.”

“Always be on your knees praising God for He has already granted you that happy day and tell Him what you want. He’s the provider.

“A lot of couples face a lot of misunderstandings during wedding planning, try as much as possible to work together, compromise, and avoid fighting.”

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