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Wedding décor ideas during Covid 19 times

By Yaya ( Yeukai) Rumema Masora
Event Designer

Covid-19 has had us all by the neck. In as much as it looks like it has messed our wedding plans, it has come with its advantages. You were probably struggling to pay for that big wedding anyway and you had been forced to compromise on some of the things you wanted on your wedding; like using a service provider that is cheaper because the one you truly wanted was way out of your 500 guest wedding budget, but now with 50 guests you can finally sign on your dream vendor.

With fewer guests you can do more as your budget has been significantly reduced. Fewer guests mean saving on flowers, food, and sitting. You are now able to have more flowers and a fancy menu for your guests.
This article is meant to help you with ideas on how you can have a small COVID times wedding and still make it look elegant with that whole lot of class.
The good thing about small and intimate weddings is that you get away with not having to hire a venue and can use your backyard for both the ceremony and reception. All you need is some good grass and a good designer who can transform your outdoors. Hire some basic mobile toilets, water boozers and have more lighting, then you are all set.

When guests are few, it can show in your set up especially the ceremony because the chairs will be spaced. To avoid this, you can use the following tricks:

Trick 1
Utilize the ceremony area with not just chairs, add in some props like flower vases on pedestals and a backdrop where guests can take pictures, this will take up some room and make your space look full.

Trick 2
Make use of unconventional furniture. Move away from the traditional way of doing things. COVID came and took the norm away so it’s high time that we did the same.
Use couches for your ceremony instead and you are guaranteed a unique set up and filled up space. Your guests will also make use and enjoy this space during the canapé hour as you and your bridal party are having your photoshoot.

Trick 3
If you have a large living room or patio make use of that room. Trust me, 30 chairs in there will look like 100. Better yet, you can also use a small frame tent. This will confine the guests to one area and make it look like a lot more than 50 guests are in attendance.

• Have your guests seated on a long banqueting table that way your wedding reception can become intimate and look packed at the same time.
• Use lots of candles; they give an illusion of a lot going on
• Tall flowers that tower over your guests as they are seating are also a great way to add character to your set up
• Sit 6 people per table instead of the traditional 10. That way you have more tables in the room
• Utilize the ceiling of your venue or tent. Hanging flowers, tussles and chandeliers add more character to the room and help to make it look full
There is no limit to what you can do in terms of décor for small gatherings. Play around with your furniture and set up to come up with the best designs and unique experiences for your guests.

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