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Wedding on impulse: Their best decision ever

Kudzai and Tapiwa Magunda

Love is amazing, it incites you to act on impulse. This was the case of Kudzai and Tapiwa, who had initially planned their wedding to be on the 2nd of January 2021 but ended up having the 11th of July as their lobola day and the 12th of July as their wedding day. It turned out to be a perfect day.

Kudzai and Tapiwa had still been saving for their big day when they got the news that weddings were now allowed during the lockdown.

Out of the blue, Kudzai thought, ‘Why not have lobola and wed during this lockdown?’ They both realized having a small wedding during lockdown would save them on both time and money.

The wedding was planned in a month and on the 12th of July they became Mr. and Mrs. Magunda. The plan had been to invite 70 people but well, our close family in Zimbabwe in any given family is more than 70.

Everything went perfectly well, and they were joined in holy matrimony at Mapalo gardens in Harare.
It was a gold affair, with beautiful décor and an exquisitely dressed bridal team.

The wedding started at 1400hrs and gracefully ended at around 2100hrs with so much dance and happiness.
Kudzai has no regrets whatever and her advice to future brides is, “If you want to wed, first save your money with your husband before bothering relatives and the church, just invite them to what you’ve planned.

”Your dream wedding is often twisted because you involve these people way too early and you end up with no control over your wedding. I feel the wedding committee is overrated. We did it, just the two of us in a month, so it’s achievable!”

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