Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

It’s yet another edition! Your feedback is amazing and we keep getting better and better. Your support is appreciated.
In this edition, we focus on traditional weddings. As you may know, weddings are a borrowed tradition. There are so many things that we do at weddings that we don’t even know the significance. Do you know where the tradition of the bride throwing the bouquet came from? .

Traditional weddings differ from culture to culture which makes this edition exciting. We have covered Yoruba, Igbo, Xhosa, Ndebele and Scottish weddings.

This is so to appreciate our culture and to remind us that our traditional weddings are also as important as modern weddings.

We have also covered guest etiquette. How do we behave as wedding guests and what is expected of us? There are some small habits that we have become used to, so much that we think it is normal when it is not.

We have also included a section on how to save for a wedding. Looking at the money needed to foot the whole bill, you might think you’ll never wed, but everything is possible if you save.

We also have an article on Weddings by Ms. Resolute’s latest creation, Our Ideal Wedding Planner. If you’re planning a wedding, this product is for you!

I hope you will enjoy this edition and we look forward to the next edition.
Managing Editor

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