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How to choose your Make-up Artist

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, with a beautiful dress, jewellery, and above all, beautiful make-up! With so many make-up artists, how does one then choose their wedding day make-up artist? We have listed a few of the most important considerations when looking for a makeup artist for your wedding day.

1.Start scouting early

As soon as you decide on the wedding date, you have to start taking note of makeup artists and their works. As you browse through wedding pictures on social media and on the Internet, take note of the makeup you like and ask the brides for the contacts so you can narrow them down as you look for their recent works. You can also create a sketch of the type of makeup you want to present to the makeup artist so that they get the ideas of what you would want for your wedding.

2. Check out the reviews

Reviews are very important and every makeup artist has a track record. Visit their social media pages and take a look at the reviews given by past clients. You should also participate and read comments that are posted on bridal forums to get a sense of who does want in the makeup industry. You can now shortlist the top few makeup artists that you’d like and try them out. Select your top three artists to go for a makeup trial, then get photos taken. Have the people close to you help you in choosing. The one who does it best for you becomes your makeup artist. Note that the makeup trials mostly come at a fee.

3. Check their products

There are makeup artists that use a specific brand of makeup. You must check with the makeup artist what brand they use so that you know if you do not react to that makeup brand or if you’d prefer a different brand in case you have some skin concerns and can only use a limited number of products.

4. Get to know them personally

You need a makeup artist who has a good attitude. It is important to select someone you’re comfortable with and someone you can be free to ask them about the makeup at any time. Speak honestly with the makeup artist and let them know if you’re uncomfortable with any aspect of the agreement. The last thing you’d want is for someone with an attitude who will spoil your wedding morning which will ultimately spoil your day.

5. Consider the makeup artist’s hygiene and sanitation practices

It’s important now more than ever to be hygiene sensitive and be careful of who you’re bringing close to you. Poor hygiene practices in makeup application include double-dipping, no brush cleaning, blowing on brushes, a dirty kit, reusing disposables, using fingers and hands as palettes, etc. You should ask their sanitation and hygiene protocols of any artist that you’re considering. If they seem uninterested in answering your questions or give you unsatisfactory answers, move on. Your health is more important.

I hope these few tips will help you as you choose your wedding day MakeUp Artist!

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