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The Pop-Culture Wedding

By Ivy Chibanda

Ever attended a wedding and just felt like, this is just a wedding. There might be lots of food, good music, but that’s just about it, there’s nothing unique or memorable about it. So Adeara and Lucas attended one of those weddings which they felt lacked personality. This is when they decided they had to have a unique theme for their wedding, pop culture!

On the 22nd of September, Adeara and Lucas London had their unique wedding at The Bean Farm, in Iowa, USA, with their theme being Pop Culture and Nerdy. Their wedding incorporated all their favorite things in pop culture including Harry Potter, Zelda, Lord of the Rings, Disney, and Game of Thrones. Both being lovers of Pop Culture, it was imminent that their wedding is a Pop Culture themed wedding. The colors purple, black, and gold helped in tying their wording theme together.

The couple put a lot of effort into their wedding ceremony script which had a lot of references from different movies and books. In their vows, they included the Game of Thrones and they also recited the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up.

This being something different at weddings, their guests were amazed and loved the wedding, this was based on the feedback they got from most of the wedding guests. Besides the ceremony and reception, there were lawn games at their cocktail hour, board games at the reception, and a room where people could play Mario kart.

The day went fast as there was so much activity. It was a day to remember!

As for advice to future couples, Adeara recommend including something that feels like you in the ceremony or reception. Personality makes the wedding rememberable.

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