Editor's Note

Editor’s note

Managing editor, Ivy Chibanda

Have you ever thought about why certain things are done at weddings? You’ll be surprised and I bet you, you might consider not doing some of the things done at weddings when you read about the origins of wedding traditions.

Every wedding is unique in its way, but some weddings leave you with fond memories; because not only are they marked with good food and music but they have something special about them.

Think about your favorite series, and that being your wedding theme! A certain couple incorporated pop culture as their wedding theme. What would you do if your wedding day coincided with a peaceful protest, would you cancel or join in? Find out what a couple in the USA did when their wedding coincided with the Blacks live matter protest

We’ve also seen intimate weddings over the past couple of months but a seven guest wedding tops it all.

Different and unique wedding vibes are covered in this edition. I hope and pray you will enjoy this edition as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Continue to mask up and stay safe. The virus is still around us but we can reduce the impact if we protect ourselves!

Happy reading!


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