Real weddings

From sunset to dusk in celebration

By Precious Mafadzavana

Many couples usually prefer their weddings to end during the day but it was the complete opposite for Mellisa Katiyo and Owen Hazangwi who preferred extending their wedding from the day to a night reception wedding as they tied the knot on the 24th of August 2019.

The wedding ceremony started in the afternoon where the two exchanged their vows. Their wedding reception started at around 5 pm and ended at around 8 pm. The decorations brought out the theme colours, which were green and peach. The décor also complemented the bridesmaids dresses. The tent was draped in white with small lights decorating and lighting the whole tent.

The bride was beautifully dressed in a white dress which showed a little bit of her cleavage and was flared at the bottom. The dress showed off her good figure and the ribbon on her dress added detail to the wedding dress. The groom was also dressed smartly in a white suit. The couple didn’t bother to change for their wedding reception which was a huge saving on their part.

“I know changing into a different dress after the ceremony is the in thing nowadays but we didn’t think it was necessary and we had to cut costs,” said Mellisa

The couple’s wedding was attended by quite several people since it was way before the COVID 19 outbreak and there were a few gate crushers.

The wedding ended in the late hours of the night with everyone happy and tired as they had danced the night away.

Melissa was over the moon on her wedding day, “l would most likely to thank my husband Owen who made me Mrs. Hazangwi and for standing by my side throughout the whole planning process which men rarely do,” explained Mellisa.

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