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Love Wins: Cancelled twice, still got it right!

By Ivy Chibanda

Cancelling a wedding once can be frustrating,  but cancelling it twice can be quite devastating! COVID 19 has made a lot of people change their plans with people having to downsize their guest lists, change venues, and worst of all, change the dates! This was the case of Veronica Ortega and James Singleton who had to cancel their wedding twice and finally wedded the third time.

On the 26th of September 2020, the couple finally got to wed at The Tribute at The Colony in the USA. Because their wedding had been cancelled due to COVID, they decided to add a little COVID humour just to add fun to their day and to make the best of the situation. Their theme was a mixture of Boho and hunting since Veronica has a Boho style and James is a hunter and this was reflected in the beautiful décor which the guests loved so much.

The day went on beautifully and the most memorable moment of the day when they touched each other for the first time that day. It gave them a moment to calm their nerves and they read their vows to each other before the ceremony. Everything went on so well that they wouldn’t change anything on their wedding day given the chance.

As for advice to future brides, Veronica says, “Remain calm. Your vibe sets the tone for the entire day. It doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s all about you and your husband committing your lives to each other. Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy your day because it will fly by!”

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