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Small yet elegant: The 7 guest wedding

By Nobuhle Nleya

Classy and intimate is the way to go for this year’s weddings it may seem, different from what we were now used to which was simple but elegant to a variety of showstoppers. There has since been a shift and new wave for how to go about weddings.

As seen from Victor and Elizabeth Nyanhete’s wedding, who got married on the 17th of January 2020 and had a very small white wedding that was only comprised of a total of seven people at the marriage court in Gweru, Zimbabwe. They had their ceremony photoshoot at the court and still fully managed to execute a heart-warming wedding.

One can wonder why a young couple would decide to not engage in the hassles of designing and printing multiple invitations, constantly looking for suitable wedding venues, finding an affordable but good catering team, and lastly getting the bride the perfect dress. This couple went for a more relaxed approach in which they decided to get married in their hometown, only have their immediate family as guests, and purchase the groom’s suit and bride’s dress as well as the rings locally in Bulawayo. Easier said than done, it took quite some time to purchase these things and it resulted in the couple traveling a few days before their wedding to collect and buy a few of the wedding necessities to their wedding.

The bride looked classy in an off-white dress with an off-white fascinator, rose gold purse, gold heels, and rocked her hair without any extensions. To complement the bride’s outfit, the groom wore a black suit composed of black trousers, a black jacket with polka dots with navy blue shoes which matched with his belt, and a black-tie with small polka dots. The guests wore formal clothing as per the request of the court but still managed to maintain a classy simple look of dresses and a few accessories to complement their outfits. It was as if the guests had spoken beforehand that the entire spotlight should be on those who are getting married hence sticking to a simple yet classy approach.

This was indeed a unique wedding because only the immediate family of the couple was invited, this being the father and mother of the groom and his two siblings and on the bride’s side her mother and two sisters. This made the event very intimate and private and even coverage to take pictures wasn’t fully accepted. The wedding seemed effortless, full of love and support, and kept the essence of what truly a wedding must be like. From this wedding one can learn at times it’s not necessary to ‘go big or go home’ but what matters is to fulfill the desire to marry your best friend and be surrounded by those who love you whilst doing it.

The ‘reception’ of the wedding was a surprise lunch from the groom’s mother in law at her house where the celebrations of this new love continued. This added to the joy everyone had experienced from the ceremony where they continued to rejoice the joining of two new families. With this family members got to share their sentiments of how they felt about the new couple as well as hint expectations they had for them.

To further continue the celebrations the newly wedded couple was invited to yet another second lunch with their mentors at Bata Club. This again marked a memorable day for them because not only were they celebrating with their mentors but they were assured of a long-lasting bond and long-term support system that would help guide them at all times in this new journey of their lives. The intimacy of this wedding could be felt in the atmosphere thereby creating a feeling of safety and love, things one tends to feel when they are in love or are loved.

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