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The new normal: Wedding during the COVID times

As the world is slowly opening up, many countries are still implementing guidelines that limit large group gatherings and events. It is anticipated that weddings will be celebrated in different ways. The desire for human connection and the celebration of love with loved ones is one thing that will remain constant.

The new reality of weddings regards health and safety measures, layouts, and new event formats and rethinking the guest experience.

Health &Safety Measures

Health and safety measures now have to be incorporated into wedding day protocol in creative ways. Couples have to be creative in how they will distribute sanitizers to the wedding guests as it is their responsibility. This can be in the form of personalized bottles in welcome bags as prewedding favours or having ushers distribute mini bottle styled on silver trays.

Couples can also offer masks to guests. These masks can be in colors or patterns that coordinate with their overall wedding day décor and style. Service providers are required to wear personal protective equipment, especially those who will be serving guests, such as catering staff and bartenders.

How food and drinks are served has to follow strict safety precautions. Instead of serving food in a buffet style, it is recommended that couples opt for plated meals instead. However, if the serve-yourself style is preferred, smaller stations will be incorporated rather than a long assembly line for a full buffet.

Adding a personalized touch to these measures will go a long way in normalizing the incorporation into weddings and keeping the positive, fun spirit of a wedding intact.

Wedding formats

Couples are encouraged to work with their wedding venue in staging socially distant, creative, ceremony, and reception groupings for guests, as large, dense crowds will likely raise concerns. You can consider incorporating open-air outdoor elements to their celebrations to eliminate guests feeling confined.

In these times, shorter ceremonies with more room for standing have to be the norm. For those who prefer to have a seat, venues will have to exercise social distancing with spaced-seating arrangements. There has to be a social distance for the bridal party as well.

While greeting each guest is suggested etiquette for couples and their family members, couples may put a unique spin on contactless greetings. This may involve an element of their culture like a bow or something more casual and playful like a contemporary gesture line filled with winks and waves, instead of a traditional receiving line. Gentle reminders to social distance must be displayed throughout the ceremony and reception spaces.


The lifting of social-distancing restrictions is unpredictable so couples can opt for micro-weddings with a reduced guest list. With a couple’s reduction in guest count, they can create a one-of-a-kind macro experience, splurging on elements like a top-shelf open bar, a decadent sit-down brunch at a five-star restaurant. Some couples who host micro-weddings may also choose to host a larger party in the future with the rest of their guest list.

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