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Dealing With Uninvited Guests

By Nobuhle Nleya

Typically in the African culture, we have got big families, lots of friends, lots of workmates, people from your side hustles, your neighbour’s friend, and their friend and if you are considering getting married anytime soon, its best that you prepare for quite a few of gate crushers. Although it is quite hard to turn away these ‘surprise visitors’ because of their unexpected arrival it is best to come up with ways to try and accommodate them before and during the event.

Have Invitations

Invitations are not just about informing your chosen guests that a wedding is about to take place but they help in managing who exactly will be coming to the event. They are the first stage of clarifying if the invitee will be attending and confirming if they will bring a plus one. Most invitations are quite strict and therefore require a response to compiling a final guest list that will be used on the day. This assures the hosts of the wedding that anyone whose name is not on the guest list will not be allowed to enter the venue.

Security Company Assistance

A lot of people these days prefer to have small and intimate weddings these days and for some for this to be possible requires the services of a security company. This assures the guests, and hosts that they will be protected and hence limiting any disturbances on the day. Privacy is key and it also regulates the flow of the wedding event thus hiring professionals can help in preventing any unwanted appearances from taking place. Therefore one can seek local security services before the wedding to assist in keeping everything in check during the wedding.

Accommodate Uninvited Guests

Yes, it seems contrary to what has been said but it is best and not worth the energy to get upset and start arguing with the guest rather handle the situation calmly and ask your wedding planner to come up with a way to accommodate the new arrivals. When the situation is dealt with in that way there will most likely be no upheaval or increase in frustration levels during your special day.

Faraway Venue

This is also something that you could also take into consideration because the further the venue the most likely unexpected guests are to feature. It might be a bit costly but you are guaranteed that at least you will know who will be coming and who won’t.

The task of having to turn away a person is never an easy one but at times it must be done for an event to successfully take place and create happy moments that will last forever.

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