Ideas on how to pop the question!

There is no end of possibilities when it comes to a wedding proposal which is only limited by your imagination and budget. Popping the big question is stressful enough in itself, but nothing adds pressure quite like trying to figure out how to propose. But as you begin to formulate ideas, the most important thing to remember is that this is all about you and your partner. So here are a few ways to pop the question that, no matter how tired they may be, these cliché wedding proposals are still guaranteed to make your loved one’s heart quiver and their mouth utter ‘yes, yes, yes!’

During a vacation
If you both like traveling, what can be more fantastic than engagement on vacation? No matter how many people do it, I don’t think people can ever get enough of seeing a proposal of him going on one knee on a boat cruise with the sunset on Lake Kariba in the background. So, if you and your partner are travel maniacs, pick the most romantic spot on your itinerary and make that the spot that you ask them to be yours. It can be during an elephant ride at Ante-lope park, bungee jumping off the Vic falls bridge, during a drive to Mutare when you arrive at Christmas pass, or in Paris, the city of love if the budget allows.

Home is always the best
If you are a private person you can be romantic at your own home. It’s one of the classic yet uncomplicated among proposals. You can start with a bouquet which will lead her to a candlelit dinner, surprise her with an unusual dish and serve her some flashy bling. Yes, don’t overlook simple things, if planned right these are the cost-effective, effortless motions that get her abandoning all religion and praising you.

Create a Whatsapp book
Is she a bookworm? Then this is one sweet proposal idea you should not overlook. Nowadays the most common way of communication is “WhatsApp” therefore you can custom a book of one of those conversations that made you realize she was the one. Take her on a picnic and recap on all those moments when you would chill with the boys the whole day and come back to a paragraph of ‘How much you have changed.’ Revisit all the chats that you would go over ten or so times when you needed a cheerleader and she was unreachable. Don’t end up dwelling too much and end up forgetting to drop down on one knee when she gets to the targeted page with the big question.

Whatsapp book

February Proposals
February, being the shortest month of the year, celebrating love is also its specialty. Ladies if he is taking long, wait for that leap year and ravel him up. Yes, it is the 21st century, and ladies’ gender equality and women empowerment does not only end with female politicians and pilots. Stand your ground and let those Nesbit Castle waiters know of your plans ahead of time so they can drop that ring in his glass of champagne. But make sure it’s clear champagne so he doesn’t have any other excuse for choking. Gents if the leap year is heaven miles away, Valentines’ day proposals are sometimes the best if again they are planned right.

The theatre proposal
Picture it: you are out for a movie night and after the movie ends, you are advised to sit tight for another movie “on the house”. Then you excuse yourself so you get some more popcorn and chocolate. Unexpectedly your pictures and videos start showing on the screen. While she is sitting there alone confused at the whole scene, you pop up there in front of the whole audience and ask her to come upfront. Her mind is clouding up a lot of mysteries and her legs are not helping as they fail to carry her up to the stage. Finally, she gathers the courage and now her focus is on you, staring with those ‘explain or else you are dead eyes’ Instead of ex-plaining you kneel and point to the diamond ring worthy question on the humongous screen. Just picture all that happiness on her face and a large audience cheering you on such an amazing performance. If you just talk to the theatre management all this picture might become reality and they might even help develop your idea into a magical moment to remember.

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