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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

By Buhlebenkosi SIbanda

There’s a popular wedding phrase, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…”. As we take a recap on the Uupindi’s journey till their destination, let’s take a different approach towards this traditional phrase.

Something old- Memory of how it all began

People have been preaching all these negative views about internet dating and right now you are probably wondering if they are effective and healthy? Well sit tight because this spring wedding serves as a testimony that internet relationships are not only real, but they do have a happily ever after ending. George Uupindi and Iyaloo Ndikwetero Uupindi uploaded a new cover for their profile on the 5th of September 2020 at the bride’s home in Okalongo, Namibia. “We met on social media and started dating 6 months after. We have been in a long-distance relationship for 6 years and that alone did not hinder this beautiful thing we have going on. On the 11th of May last year, after our 5th year together ‘she said yes’, fast forward to the wedding day, the greatest day of our lives”. Indeed, long-distance relationships have been made possible by technology, embrace them because they don’t just end in tears, they end your tears.

Something new- New things, new beginnings

Being brought up with the idea that the wedding day is the only time in a woman’s life where they get to dress, feel, and be treated like a queen, brides usually never struggle to find an item for this part of the phrase when planning a wedding, because most everything is new. And with royal thoughts like that, comes a lot of beauty and glamour. Mrs. Uupindi gives thanks to the Lavender Tales Bridals for the elegant, lace embellished dress. New in this case does not only bring to light a new dress, new look, and new emotions, but it also represents something fresh that will endure for a long time, which is the marriage that will last forever.

Something borrowed- Borrowed love, time, and support

It went from a simple intimate wedding to a big extravaganza. “We got married during the lockdown period whereby only 10 people were allowed for an event, but due to the love from family and friends, we had over 400 people showing us support”, explains George. “To the photographers of the year, Racio Media Group and Royal Events and Tunga Events thank you for your devoted time you and support. On a scale out of 10, both teams get an eleven because the décor was splendidly done and our favorite moments were amazingly captured”, he adds.

Something blue- Blue representing loyalty, commitment, and faithfulness

A six-year online relationship is living proof that something blue will forever be part of George and Iyaloo’s relationship. Not only will they bleed for each other, but they will bleed blue. Finally, George says “to anyone planning on getting married, please go for it my brother and sister because love is a beautiful thing”. The advice is for free, even if you ignore it, at least you were told.

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