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Steps to Achieving Picture Perfect Photography

By Precious Mafadzavana

Memories last for a lifetime and a successful photoshoot on your big day is a must. Most people assume that this is a simple task since is just going online, searching for local photographers, reading someone’s reviews when in fact it is of absolute importance that the perfect moments are captured to keep those beautiful memories alive. Below are a few tips for an unforgettable photoshoot and on how to choose the best wedding photography provider for your special day.

Step One

Before the research for photographers has been done, you’ll need to decide on the type of photography style that you prefer. This stage is crucial since it will determine who you will approach to take your wedding pictures and how well they will execute the job. You can draw inspiration from searching online themes or simply creating something of your own. Once this has been done you can then move on to the following steps having been assured that your photographer will blend in their creative eye with your creative ideas.

Step Two

Local is lekker! You’ll most probably get an honest opinion from fellow relatives and friends who would have gotten married recently on who their photographers were and how they worked with them. Ask to see photo albums or even catalogues from the photographers and check out what was mainly focused on in the photographs and take note of the essence of emotion captured in the pictures. That way you will get an idea of how the photographer captures moments and can shoot selectively according to what the client wants.

Step Three

A pre-wedding shoot is advised so go ahead and book one. It is in this way that you will get to know more about your photographer, find out if you are both in sync with the pictures of the wedding, and also know how or if you can incorporate the latest picture trends. At this stage, the couple can decide if they want to work with the same provider for the after-wedding shoot.

Step Four

Compare wedding photography packages. Truly cheaper photographers generally have less experience and those who are prices have more experience and confidence. This once in a lifetime day should be special and so should be the photographs without breaking your budget in half. Communicate with your photographer on how you two can come up with some sort of a financial agreement that would leave you both satisfied and happy to work with each other again. Discuss how many photographers will be taking pictures or videos on the day, where they will start, whom they will take, and how long they will do so. Confirm what exactly you will get after the wedding, is it the edited version of the wedding or the raw footage, a photo album with just the wedding, or would it also include pictures from the wedding preparation.

Step Five

Finally agree on the final details of the wedding combining ideas on how to have only the best pictures taken. Share with your photographer how you want your love story to be captured and be effectively visualized so that it is a remembrance to you the couple and an inspiration to whoever sees it.

You should go for what you think is only the best even if it means cutting a few things just to afford your photographer of choice. This day comes once in a lifetime therefore the moments must be cherished.

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