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Of Perfection, Class and Tears of Joy

Dreams do come true, and sometimes, they come better than as expected. The love story of Rangarirai Tekwani and Clarence Chidobera is that of love, commitment, bliss, and fulfilled dreams. Having dated for four years, Clarence asked for Ranga’s hand in marriage on the 30th of March in 2019, paid lobola on the 12th of August 2019, and wedded on the 12th of September 2020 at Tiffany’s Garden Grant Estate.

The engagement was the kind you see in movies or dreams. Rangarirai was smitten at how it all played out. March was their anniversary month, so Rangarirai, who was studying in Gweru was asked to come home to celebrate their anniversary, little did she know that her future husband was planning to ask for her hand in marriage.

She was curious though when she realized that her sister and their few friends were present at what she thought was their ‘private’ intimate dinner. Clarence, knowing how much of a fan Rangarirai is of Nyasha David, had Nyasha David play her favourite song, ‘Moyo Muti’, as they danced. With so much excitement, Rangarirai hardly noticed how Clarence had her looking the other way, and when she turned, her man was on one knee, asking for her hand in marriage. With both of them filled with tears of joy, she did say Yes!

Tears of joy

A wedding that was planned for a year couldn’t be anything short of amazing! It was pretty difficult for Ranga to plan a wedding from a distance, as she worked out of town. Being someone who aims for perfection, she engaged a wedding planner who helped in making her dream wedding come true.

Ranga being organized, had her two wedding dresses both booked and paid for a month before the wedding. It was a different story altogether on the groom’s side as the groom only bought his second suit a day before the wedding and the groomsmen also had to buy their bowties a day before the wedding. Luckily, the bride only knew about these last-minute deals after the wedding otherwise it would only have added unnecessary stress.

The Bridal Team

The bridesmaids had their ‘A’ game on and they had their nails and hair all done a day before the wedding thanks to Ranga’s best friend, Yolanda.

Ranga’s makeup and hair were on point all thanks to Ropearl makeup artistry.

Despite everything else is in order, the wedding started pretty late. The program that was meant to start at 9 am, ended up starting at 11 am. The décor was amazing and breathtaking and everything else went on smoothly with MC Natty contributing to the smooth flow of the wedding proceedings.

The most memorable moment for the bride was when her husband said out his vows. She cried and she says, “I will remember those vows and even tell my grandchildren how this man is so good with words.”

Looking back at her wedding day, Ranga wishes she had more time, as she felt the day was too short, they had so much fun.

As for advice to future brides, Ranga says: “My dear future brides, please take your time. Do not rush and do not be rushed. Remember even if you have a wedding planner, put in your special touch,  footprint it so that this will be a memorable time and above all, do not forget to pray always.”

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