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Wedding Against All Odds

By Vanessa Mwedzi

No matter how much you plan it down to the last detail, something inevitably doesn’t go the way you had planned it. 

Tinotenda and John

Tino and John Dozwah are one extraordinary couple who triumphed and overcame all odds to get married when they exchanged their vows on the 3rd of October 2020 at Tiffany’s in Harare.

The couple had planned their wedding to the last bit but with the  Covid 19 pandemic, they weren’t sure if their wedding date was going to stay the same, let alone the wedding itself.

They are living proof that when a friendship turns into love it can be the best relationship ever.

Their theme colors were a unique blend of maroon burgundy and coral pink which blew the guests away.

In 2018  Taurai John Dozwah proposed to his then friend of 8 years, Tinotenda Magomo, paid  lobola

in December 2019 and had set the wedding date to 3rd October 2020.

When the bride lost her job because of covid, the couple wasn’t going to let anything get in the way.

They got to a point where they had to sell popcorn and dishwashing liquid and relied mostly on payment plans to pay their wedding Bill’s.

Asked if they could change anything, the groom said

he wouldn’t change a thing.

“Everything was perfect and beautiful, especially the décor, I was shocked at how things turned out considering the money we paid”, he explained.

The most memorable moment was when the groom danced with his mother in tears and when he saw his bride walk down the aisle.  For the bride, it was the long kiss that took her breath away.

The bride was looking gorgeous in her white wedding dress and the groom in his maroon burgundy suit with a flair of coral pink, both from China.

To future brides and grooms, the couple advises long term plans, payment plans instead of borrowing money for the wedding because weddings are not a one-day thing and also not to rely on people’s money.

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