How to be your own wedding planner

Have you been looking for that cost-effective wedding planner who will incorporate all your imaginations and ideas or you simply love the idea of doing it yourself? Well, stress and look no more because here is a list that will help you plan your own memorable and exclusive wedding.

Involve your partner

Although men don’t participate much in planning anything in general, the wife is usually the brains behind every planned act. However, when it comes to weddings, it’s important to include your significant other because although they might not say or show, men also dream and visualize their wedding days. Sometimes their opinions might be outside the ‘thinking outside the box’ but having them involved can add fun to the planning. Don’t make those teamwork quotes a tired cliché, further and grow your bond by tackling everything as a team.

Set a wedding budget and stick to it.

Your budget will be a drive towards all the wedding-related ideas, therefore it should be the first thing you deal with before moving on to other things. If there are others involved in contributions, communicate and know the figures they are comfortable with and if you are dealing with it alone, take a hard look at your finances. Usually, couples spend everything on the wedding as if it’s the result, and forget that what matters is the life after that wedding day.

Buy a wedding planning book

This will not only enlighten you on dos and don’ts when planning your wedding but may also widen and direct your imagination into the ‘exquisite wedding’ path. Usually, these books give expert information, tips, and tricks to note when planning.

construct a list of a wedding day priority.

 This will keep you on track and gear you into tackling tasks like a pro. Also, it will help you envision and classify goals without being simultaneously overpowered by everything. 

Talk to other married couples

There is always that one wedding you attend or see on the internet and be like ‘Wow, this is me in 2 years.’ Yes, inbox or visit those couples and take some notes on how they did it, they might even connect you with service providers that will guarantee you a flawless service.

Select a theme/season and a wedding date

Once you can define your wedding season, it narrows your options when deciding on the wedding theme. For example, when you choose summer you know you have to go with the classic, modern, or natural theme, for winter, you cannot go wrong with a vintage or whimsical theme, autumn blends in well with rustic, and for spring, the romantic theme is the best. Therefore, setting a date becomes easier. However, when choosing a date, it’s wiser to consider external factors like the likeliness of others getting married around that time, vendors, prices of venues, and the availability of your guests. 

Start on your wedding guest list, research and visit your venues options

After deciding on the wedding theme and date, the search for venues becomes less complicated. However, don’t stick to one venue, research, have a variety, and be able to compare prices. Above all visit those options, usually pictures sell a dream therefore you should go and check if the pictures match reality to avoid disappointments. Therefore, once you have a venue, make a guest list that the venue can capacitate 

Wedding shopping

First of all, understand what you want to avoid unnecessary spending. This entails attire shopping and wedding band/ ring shopping. As you do this window shop the flowers and bouquets that will go along your colours. Above all, don’t forget to hire an officiant.

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