2020 wedding trends

Going with the times: Virtual Weddings

By Nobuhle Nleya

The Covid 19 pandemic has been one that has resulted in a shift in various cultural norms. One can take note of how virtual weddings are trending nowadays with couples resorting to celebrating their special day in their backyards with home-cooked meals and in the company of immediate family members. 

The rise in virtual weddings has seen the power of social media being fully utilized as evidenced by how most couples have opted to go this route and let family members be part of this by watching the event from live feeds or captured videos.

From what it may seem, virtual weddings are seemingly easy to plan, as seen by how most couples are effectively executing their virtual weddings. Lots of websites now offer ‘how to virtually plan your wedding’ which makes the actual planning of the wedding easier for the bride and groom. A couple can gain knowledge on which equipment to use, how to set it up, and make sure that their guests enjoy the experience wherever they are.

The advantage of having a virtual wedding is that the couple gets to execute exactly what they want in terms of creating the right atmosphere and intimacy that best describes them. This means that there are very low chances of confusion taking place as a result of a lot of opinions from family and friends concerning how the wedding should take place.

Thank goodness for good internet connectivity because with this almost everyone can be part of a virtual wedding. People can now even dress up to attend online events. With a wedding being held online, one can be assured that punctuality will be observed. Physical weddings usually start an hour or so later which ends up derailing the initial mood that would have been set. On digital platforms, the host and attendees are guaranteed that every minute of their time will not be wasted. 

Love will always prevail in the end, that is certainly one of the things that this pandemic has taught most of us. Therefore, if getting married was on top of your list, there is no need to worry technology is the way to go.

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