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Pregnant and planning a wedding: Tips to endure

Planning a wedding is a challenge and being pregnant at the same time does not make the process any easier. With the help of friends, family, and spouse a soon to be mum/bride can be assured of her successful dream wedding. Below are tips one can take to manage the stress that can come with planning and anxiety during the times of preparation.

Tip One

Embrace your baby bump!

Your pregnancy journey should be one to remember and as a bride, you should only hope for the best for yourself and the baby. Most pregnant brides worry about how they will look during their wedding but there is no need to worry, just be yourself and stay positive about your wedding. You glow different when you are happy and are at peace. Consider getting married pregnant a double blessing.

Tip Two

Be sure to manage your stress levels and any form of anxiety that you might feel. Let family and friends assist you in all the required procedures that are to make your day a success. Having a small team of people who can help in planning the wedding can make the difference, that way each person can be assigned a specific task, therefore, putting less pressure on the bride.

Tip Three

Be prepared for all sorts of comments concerning your baby bump from family and friends. Our African culture has different perspectives towards getting married pregnant hence one must avoid getting offended by what family or friends might say. Things might even go in a positive direction with the bride and groom receiving congratulatory messages on the new journey they are about to embark on.

Tip Four

Make sure you have a solid support structure. This will help you the bride/ mother to be to have people to turn to when you feel overwhelmed by the planning or just need someone to talk to. Your family usually knows you best therefore they will be there to pick you up and provide you with the advice that you need.

Tip Five

Despite the tiredness, morning sickness, and any other discouraging factors that might want to make you give up getting married at all, push through and proceed to make this special day possible for you and your baby. You’ll one day look at the photographs and reminisce on everything that you went through to make this once in a lifetime day possible.

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