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Thanking your wedding planner

By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

Wedding planners already give couples the perfect gift: a dream wedding. They go all out on your wedding day and try to bring into reality all those imaginations and dreams. Therefore, it’s only fair enough to adopt one of these ways listed below, in showing your gratitude on the job well done. With our source being one of the most influential, well known and most recommended wedding planner, Kevin the Wedding Planner, we guarantee you will never go wrong.

Share their work on social media platforms

Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow for a greater interaction between businesses and their customers. Show gratitude by following, liking, tagging them on your wedding posts, reposting and writing mind blowing captions. Go an extra mile by referring circle of influence to that amazing wedding planner.

Send a thank you card or note

Put into writing all those feelings, from the perfect venue, best fitting outfits, masterpiece reception, flawless décor and those three-course meals. “This is a very simple yet most heartfelt and important way of showing gratitude. If you are confused and you are not sure which way to take, keep it simple and send a note, you can never go wrong”

Tip them

You can tip them before the wedding to show your faith and trust in them, this will definitely motivate and push them into going all in. You don’t have to end there, “One couple was so grateful and in love with my work so much they had to tip me before, in the middle and after the wedding. After all, planners deserve a drink after that long day and using the tips won’t hurt” he added.

 Sending gifts

Kevin says that in as much as all wedding planners have one goal, which is pulling off an ideal wedding, each planner is different from the other and their interests differ. Therefore, when you decide on getting your planner a gift after your wedding as an appreciation, its wiser to try to figure out what they would best appreciate maybe from colleagues or perhaps if you have created a bond during the planning process and you have an idea of what your planner would like then get them that. Sometimes, a planner would appreciate a heartfelt message more than a tangible gift.

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