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Ways to have mask-proof makeup

By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

Makeup is a wondrous way to express oneself and to help one look more appealing to the human eye. The Covid 19 pandemic has stolen the joy of a swipe of lipstick from our brides. Hence with this in mind ideal weddings has listed some step our brides can employ for mask proof makeup. Thankfully, a number of makeup artists shared some advice to help makeup stay put under that mask throughout your wedding ceremony.

Use a moisturizer

  • Use a moisturizer- Bornman Mawarire also known as Flex, who does makeup for Jah Prayzah’s music videos, suggested using a hydrating serum-based moisturizer as a base so that your face doesn’t crack and crumble. This will also help in combating the powders that will be used later on in mattifying things. He also added that he uses milk of magnesia as base.

Use a setting spray

  • Use a setting spray- An award-winning professional beauty therapist from Sorbet South Africa, Yvette Ndaba advises applying a setting spray “before and after foundation, then before and after powder.” She explains that when cold air dries out the skin, it can absorb the emollients of creamy makeup, making it chalky. This will help to lock in and solidify the moisturizer and bring light and life to the skin. Flex also added that one should spray at least 30cm from the face for that matte look.

Use a primer

  • Use Primer- The effects of a good primer are worth the extra step, as this contains silicone that stops oil on the skin from breaking down makeup. Yvette Ndaba suggests using something sticky to grip the foundation and keep it on your face a lot longer. It helps foundation fully adhere to the skin, but allow at least a minute for it to dry before applying foundation

Use foundation and the powder

  • Use Foundation and the powder – There are many light-weight, water-resistant and smudge-proof long-lasting foundation that the mask won’t lift it off, choose the one best for you and apply using sponge. The more powder the face has, the more its going to soak in the skin hence durability, leave it for at least 5 minutes. However, you can skip the foundation if possible, Flex says “avoid or minimize using foundation to contour or highlight when wearing a mask”

Fleek brows

It’s not really makeup unless completed by brows on fleek and colorful lips. Prim from Divas makeup gave an insight on brows and lips

  • Brows- a brow gel will give you those eyebrows on fleek. It will build them and keep them in place

Lips- matte or nude lipstick will do but use a lip balm first to avoid cracks.

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