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Achieving the perfect skin

By Nobuhle Nleya

Brides want absolutely the best, glowing skin, especially on their wedding day. Even though they might have makeup, the underlying skin is important to maintain and take care of. 


Firstly, you should sleep. Get enough rest, you must get your 6-8 hours of sleep. No one likes those dark circles under your eyes to show and certainly not on your wedding day. Even though you will be busy planning everything and trying to make sure that all is in order, make your resting time a priority.


Make sure that you are well hydrated every single day. Our skin reflects the state of our well being hence we must take care of our bodies. Try making daily fresh fruit smoothies or vegetable juices, these contain lots of vitamins and provide those essential vitamins that your body and skin needs. Taking 2 – 4 litres a day of water is also recommended as water is a magic potion in skin rejuvenation and assists in maintaining that glowing skin you will need on your wedding day.

Manage Stress

Stress levels are usually very high during this time but try not to allow that to end up reflecting on your skin. If possible ask and seek assistance in planning for the wedding. Give yourself some time to rest during this period. Take some time to visit a spa or go out with friends and family, this can help to reduce stress. Other means one can take are to go for yoga or make some time to meditate. 

Follow a healthy diet

It is important to keep your gut healthy and make sure that you eat the right foods. High fiber foods will keep you nourished, healthy, and energized therefore you need to include them in your diet. These foods are good for your skin and will help you to look young and revitalized.

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Include cleansing and exfoliating products in your skincare product range. These will help clear dark spots on your face and open up your skin pores to breathe. This also helps to prevent pimple formation on your skin. 

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