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Being the ideal groom-to-be

By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda,

Wedding planning can be cumbersome, usually it’s the bride-to-be who gets all stressed about it all. The gents, on the other hand, take some of the things lightly and sometimes unknowingly add to the stress of the bride-to-be with the little things they do. Sometimes, they don’t realize how much stress they cause. Here are a few things to avoid as you plan your wedding.

Don’t announce your wedding to your ex!

It’s unnecessary to notify your past partners of relationship with your new partner, your ex will find out soon enough. Delight in the present with the person you’re about to marry—and refrain from going back into the crypts of past loves.

Avoid leaving all the planning to the bride

Stay involved throughout the entire planning process. With all the talk of weddings being “the bride’s day,” the groom may often be under the false impression that all they have to do is show up for the wedding ceremony. It’s best if the groom is involved as much as possible, both to support the bride and also to make the big day about two people joining together, not one person’s party.

Don’t misbehave at your bachelor’s party!

What happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas. One way or the other, whatever pleasures that may take place, actions, and behaviours will all be exposed. Henceforth your bachelor party should be a fun time for you and your friends, but remember to remain respectful of your spouse-to-be. If you drink yourself silly or gamble away half of your wedding budget, there’s no way you can leave that behind when you go back home.

Don’t get drunk on your wedding eve

Try not to find out the hard way that no one is exempt from hangovers, even the groom. Take it easy the night before to avoid spending quality time with a bottle of aspirin and a pounding headache the morning of your wedding. Have a drink or two, but don’t arrive drunk to your marriage ceremony, your partner deserves better than that.

Remember that your wedding day will go by very quickly. Be sure to enjoy every moment and not take a single second of it for granted. There may be tons of distractions during the ceremony (the funny faces your groomsmen are making, for instance), but try to keep your eyes on the trophy, your ride or die. It’s just one day you have to celebrate and enjoy your many years of courtship so you should make it count.

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