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Brought together by the love of cars

By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

A wedding is a standout amongst the most sacrosanct occasions of one’s life. This is the time that we get married to our loved one, trade promises before God that we will remain together regardless of what hindrances we experience all through the marriage. Your wedding day is likely a standout amongst the most imperative and critical days of your life.

Without a doubt you need the best of everything, be it the wedding outfits, setting, stylistic theme, nourishment, or the wedding picture taker. Obakeng and Monica Molebatsi, both from Botswana managed to incorporate all these wedding aspects into their fairy-tale/ romantic farm wedding.

As the bride narrated their story, it all dates back to when she was on her way home from work, when a red golf 5 GTI blocked her way and to her surprise, a good-looking fine man offered her a lift home. He was and still is, too kind to resist, she added. “I shyly got in, gave him directions as we made little chitchats which led to the exchanging of numbers”. Around March 2019 they got into a car-related argument, stemming from Monica’s WhatsApp status she had put bragging about how fast her Audi is. According to Mrs. Molebatsi, somehow, Obakeng felt intimidated and suggested a car race which she found weird and intriguing.

The race raised awareness of their love for cars and traveling. That was the beginning of everything, “we would take our cars for spins and take drives together”, she explains. The groom adds on how much the feelings elevated, as before they knew it, their relationship had erupted to another level. “With time, our jobs situated us into a long-distance relationship, which was not an obstacle as we would not let any weekend go to waste. Our love grew with each passing day we just couldn’t get enough of each other. Sometimes we would both take time off work and go on vacations just to spend time and bond”, Obakeng says.

He proposed a day before Christmas last year in the middle of a pitstop on their way to his place, as they were spending the Christmas holidays together. From the bride’s statement “it couldn’t have been more perfect”, one can easily tell that the festive mood switched from good to superlative within minutes. However, the national lockdown almost disrupted their plans but both families continued the lobola negotiations over the phone. Fast forward, the Lobola date was set for September, and the Wedding date set for the 24th October 2020. And the rest is history.

Some brides feel as though they have to please their guests, but weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, and it’s rather ideal for couples to plan and personalize their weddings anyhow they wish, to avoid resentments on the big day. Monica and Obakeng planned their wedding over the phone because of their jobs that had separated them and they confirm that in as much as it is no child’s play to plan a wedding, working together seemed to have made things less complicated. Also, the couple went with an outdoor ceremony and secured a venue that was to have control over uninvited guests at the same time accommodating their fairy-tale/romantic wedding theme. As soon as they found the Molepolole Suping Farm and Wedding Villa, they knew it was perfect for their plans and imagination. Monica claims that “It was a stunning and unique venue! We chose dusty pink and gold to complement the farm’s natural beauty.

Moreover, wedding photographers have a tough job when you think of it. They have one shot at many meaningful moments throughout one day. For Monica and Obakeng, Proud Motswana was an ideal photographer, ‘it felt as if we had been friends forever’ the bride says. For the décor, Lucrane Concepts did so much justice to what they had imagined. Her stunning, phenomenal mermaid dress, together with the groom’s suit that screamed “this is something Steve Jobs, would wear”, was tailor-made by Prince of NM Street Wear. Makeup and hair credits go to 30ty Beauty Bar. As for entertainment, they had a saxophonist from Roman Reeds. For uniqueness’s sake, they set free white doves, from the Bird’s Nest, as a symbolism of peace and purity. Lastly, what’s a wedding without a cake done by Konfection Korner?

When asked about their favourite moments, they both agreed that there were so many unforgettable moments from the day. For Monica, seeing Obakeng’s face as her grandfather walked her down the aisle is a moment she’ll never forget. And for Obakeng, that same moment was as if time had stopped and they were the only two people there.  However, seeing their dream finally come true, exactly as they had imagined, left an emotion that went far beyond ‘favourite’. Lastly For the future brides and groom the couple specially dedicates this for you, “go for what you want and don’t give your friends family room to decide for you, mind you it’s a once-off thing so cherish it and don’t let anything still your peace and joy”.

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