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Choosing your wedding tux or suit

By Precious Mafadzavana

Believe it or not, although they don’t fuss about it in public, every man wants to look good on their wedding day.  Picking out a perfect wedding suit is just as important as picking a wedding dress so when it comes to choosing one there are things you should consider. Here are a few considerations to help the groom-to-be when choosing his wedding suit.

To hire or to buy?

If you are going to hire then choose something affordable which will not put you off-budget. If you are buying your wedding suit, choose something you can wear after the wedding for dinner or a high-end function.

Choose a suit style

Your wedding suit should go along with your wedding theme. If your wedding has a theme, your suit should complement the theme.

Choose a suit colour

Many grooms usually go off switch when it comes to the colour of their suits. Consider your wedding colours and buy or hire something that complements your wedding colours.

Consider your tie and other accessories

Times have shifted and some grooms don’t like wearing a tie with their suits. A tie gives you a neat and classy look. If it’s a bowtie it should also complement one of the colours on the suit, if it’s not, then it has to have a match on your outfit.

Choose something classy

Your wedding suit should bring a spark and a smile to your bride. Choose a suit that’s simple but elegant and not disappointing to everyone and especially to your lady.

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