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Defying odds: A wedding in November

By Ivy Chibanda,

In Zimbabwe, a wedding in November is taboo. There are a lot of myths as to why people shouldn’t do any marriage ceremony in November. Sithabile and Bernard, however, defied the odds and had their wedding on Friday the 13th of November 2020 at Gweru civil court.

Sthabile and Bernard

Sithabile Dlamini and Bernard Ruzvidzo had been dating for a year before lobola was paid in April 2011. After lobola was paid, they did not wed there and then but decided to shelve the wedding for the future.

It was in August 2020 that the couple finally decided to wed and so they went to register at the Magistrate’s Court. Due to the Covid restrictions, the court was only taking three weddings a week and the next available date was the 13th of November. This didn’t move the couple at all. “A date in November didn’t move us at all, we are both Christians and we believe that when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no and all things are possible with God,” said Sithabile.

Normally, relatives would think otherwise when it comes to a wedding in November. However, the couple didn’t face any resistance from relatives, except for one, who tried to convince them to move their date to December. They told the relative straight up that they didn’t believe in the popular myth of not wedding in November.

Their wedding colours were peach and black and looking back at their wedding day, they have no regrets whatsoever.

Sithabile’s advice to future brides is, “Plan your things according to your pockets, good things are planned for, take your time to plan, and don’t rely too much on other people’s money.

“Make sure you work for everything that you want and above all, talk to god. Tell Him all that you want, He will never forsake you or leave you.”

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