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Duties of the Matron of Honour

By Precious Mafadzavana

There is a slim difference between a matron of honour and a maid of honour. The distinction that lies between the two is that the matron of honour is a married woman and is also the (HBIC) head bridesmaid in charge whereas the maid of honour is usually single and . The matron of honour has more responsibilities than the maid of honour.

Duties of the matron of honour include:

Lending the bride an ear and being her support system.

Since the bride would have a lot of wedding planning to do, it is good that as the matron of honour you listen to every need and want of her and make sure that she has less wedding planning pressure.

Helping her shop for a wedding dress

As someone with knowledge and experience in dress picking, it is your duty as the matron of honour to help the bride in this particular area. Choosing a dress can be confusing but the matron of hour helps in the choice of the final dress.

Organizing shopping trips.

Wedding planning can be exhausting for the bride so her matron can help with the trip organization which will help them avoid forgetting other things as she will know where to go and what to do during the planning process.

Helping her choose the bridal party.

Choosing the bridal party is quite a difficult task as sometimes you have so many people who want to be a part of the bridal party and you don’t know who to leaves and who to include. The matron can help in choosing the bridal party and also making the necessary follow-ups with the bridal party.

Planning pre-wedding events

As someone married, you may not want to plan a naughty bachelorette party so you can handle the bridal shower and let the maid of honour worry about the bachelorette plans.

Acting as the point person on the wedding day The big day is the most important for the bride as she would be busy. It is important that as the matron you stay on guard, keep her calm, and provide everything that she needs.

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