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Planning a bridal shower

By Precious Mafadzavana

Bridal showers are a long time wedding tradition and this is a women-only event in celebration of the brides’ upcoming marriage. A bridal shower is designed to shower the bride with good wishes congratulations and gifts. Some fail to have a memorable shower because of the lack of knowledge on how to do it, thus this article offers a few tips on how one can have the most memorable, perfect bridal shower.

Have a budget

Everything that you need to have before or after your wedding needs to have a budget so that you can save yourself the drama and stress on how to handle everything financially. Create a budget for everything needed for guidance.

Pick a date

Usually, a bridal shower is held between 2 to 6 months before the wedding so when preparing for a shower consult the bride to find a date that is convenient for both the bride and her guests of choice.

Who gets invited?

The guest list should be limited to the people who are also invited to the wedding. Have the bride double check and approve the list before invites are sent out or if it’s a surprise, have someone very close to them confirm the guest list.

Select a theme

It’s not a must but having a theme does bring in some personality to the party. A theme could be as simple as cohesive or you could go all out with a spa day. Always select a theme that goes with the bride’s personality.

Choose a location

The location depends on the type of shower and the host’s budget, you could opt for a venue that correlates to the theme like a winery, spa, or a hotel.

Plan the shower décor

Hiring a professional designer might be a bit expensive so you can opt to do the décor yourself. Think about how you can best personalize the décor and make sure that the backdrop will help in bringing the perfect pictures.

Have games and activities

Games always break the ice and bring in some socialization of the guests.

Create a shower playlist

Get everyone in a party mood with a fun selection of music that accommodates the different age groups attending the bridal shower. Alternatively, you can hire a professional DJ who knows how to keep people on the dance floor.

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