Real weddings

The university spark that led them to the aisle

By Nobuhle Nleya

Some would expect a big wedding venue with lots of people, a catering team running around to make sure that food is in check, and a bridal team dancing away to make sure that their presence is felt and seen. As for Tavonga and Anotida, their celebration was characterized by intimacy and a love story worth sharing.

The 29th of August 2020 marked a new chapter in the lives of a young lady and gentleman, who decided to commit themselves to each other in the presence of their loved ones in the city of Gweru. Although before all of this took place, their love story is one that most dream of.

The two met in 2012 at college in a magical scenario of boy meets girl and boy asks for directions to a certain faculty and eventually asks for her number when she’s about to leave. The unpleasant part of the story is how communication wasn’t consistent at first up until 2016 when the pair gradually grew fond of each and finally in 2017 she said ‘YES!’, to dating him of course, and the rest is what has led to this beautiful love commemoration.

 The couple had a small ceremony where they shared their vows and signed their marriage certificate. As simple as this may seem, it was a day worth preparing for as seen from how both the bride and groom were beautifully dressed for the occasion. The main theme colour was navy blue and so the groom, best man, and maid of honor’s dress were all dressed in navy blue.

Mr. and Mrs. Gudo’s wedding had a few guests, these mainly being family, a few friends, and the pastor. Anotida expressed that the highlight of her wedding was walking down the aisle and the vows. These were the moments of the wedding that she will forever cherish and Tavonga’s most memorable moments of the entire wedding was the kiss and the vows of course.

As one of the few weddings that took place during the Covid 19 national lockdown, these two were prepared to make it work and start their marriage on a new and high note. A lesson worth noting is that love cannot be restricted and going the extra mile to be with your loved one is the most important decision one can ever make.

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