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Choosing the ideal wedding shoes

By Precious Mafadzavana

One wedding accessory that seems to be overlooked is the wedding shoe. Wedding shoes have a lot to do with how comfortable you will be on your wedding day. Choose comfort over style because you are mostly going to be on your feet for the greater part of the day and if you have uncomfortable shoes, you’re most likely to suffer on your wedding day. Here are tips to make sure that you are comfortable on your wedding day.

Take your time

The first golden rule is don’t wait until the last minute to find your wedding shoe. Create a Pinterest board of wedding shoe styles that you love which will help you in choosing the final shoe. If you plan on shopping online, it’s always a good idea to buy early as you might not find the right size or type.

Venue considerations

Think about where you are having your wedding when choosing your wedding shoe. Garden wedding brides might want to consider wearing a comfortable wedding flat which works better for the garden terrain, if you love a good heel, a low heel would suit the uneven surface. You might consider a wedding bootie which is a mixture of a heel and a flat that provide extra support.

Comfort is key

Are you someone who loves the confidence of a 4-inch stiletto? Then keep to your style and wear a stiletto for your wedding. Just make sure that the heel has extra padding so that you are comfortable all day. If you love sandals or sneakers then you should stick to a lower shoe height for your wedding. According to bridal musings, always choose shoes that have natural material such as genuine leather to allow for stretching and breathability.

Choose one that complements your style

You have put in a ton of effort to find the perfect dress which means that you might want to find a wedding shoe that complements your dress and style. Look at the elements of your dress. If your dress is adorned with classic lace or elegant rhinestone embroidery, look for similar elements in your wedding shoe to complement your dress so that it matches your style and taste.

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