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Guide to a budget-friendly wedding plan

By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

“A lot of thought and even a little sacrifice (not much) went into our wedding planning. The result? We spent a mere USD 2000 on the wedding,” says one of our brides Nontobeko Mangena from the previous edition. Why is it notable? Recent data shows that high wedding expenses can lead to a lower marriage success rate. Therefore, to start your marriage on the right financial footing, Nontobeko helped us create a guide to keep your final wedding bill on the smaller side. 

Plan your wedding

Doing it yourself sounds like a lot but it is a cost saver that is incredibly rewarding. You get to control the budget yourself. “We didn’t even consider a wedding planner, to be honest, I don’t know exactly what they cost but I know they aren’t cheap”, she said. Besides weddings are one of the most special days of your life, having you and your partner calling the shots may mean more to both of you.


Most DIY programs, invitations, decorations, and many other items are not only unique and cost-effective but are surely going to be treasured. 

Limit your guest list

A smaller guest list cuts down on the food costs, size of the venue and reception hall which also reduces décor expenses. If you are finding it hard to limit the list, find a venue that’s far or simply avoid extended family. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make but a very crucial part when it comes to keeping costs low.

Find a flexible reception hall

A reception hall that is not normally a wedding venue usually comes cheaper than the typical wedding venues. Also, finding a reception that allows you to use your caterer is a huge cost saver according to Nontobeko.

As a conclusion of the interview, Nontobeko says “It is your special day. Do what you want, invite whom you want, plan it yourself, track all expenses, and don’t be afraid to break the boring traditions.” The couple had an awesome wedding and a zero debt to show for it. Hopefully, you are inspired to do the same.

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