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By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

The COVID-19 pandemic is still around us and we are all stuck at home for now but that should be the least of your problems when it comes to planning your wedding. We can give as much wedding planning advice during a pandemic as we can muster, but sometimes you need to hear it from someone who’s been in those shoes. Hence, we have put together ways to help plan while social distancing as told by our covid-19 brides.

Communicate with your partner

Gather your thoughts with your partner over the phone, if you are locked down in different places communicate and make some priorities. Tabeth Chipfupa emphasizes asking yourselves certain questions like is having a big wedding a priority or can you scale for more options? Is it a meaningful venue? As you plan during this period, it’s important to not focus on how things should have been but focus on how they can be. She also stresses that you shouldn’t make any final decision alone as the wedding is equally your partner’s as much as it is yours.

Don’t cancel, postpone.

You need to accept the fact that postponement may be necessary. While it may be tempting to throw up the white flag and cancel your wedding entirely, Kerry Anne Gordon strongly encourages you to reconsider and reschedule. “Don’t let anything stop you because love always wins”, she added. If you’re on the verge of giving up, be sure to check some 2020 Ideal Weddings Editions, when the lockdown was still tight and strict, and be inspired by brides who realized impossible is a dare not reality.

Go virtual

Technology has made it easier to get planning from a distance possible. Monica Molebatsi pointed out finding creative ways to make the plans happen; from checking reviews on social media apps about the vendors you are considering to facetime, skype consultations with vendors, or even live-streaming the wedding. “My lobola negotiations were done over the phone and that made me realize Covid 19 didn’t have a chance towards my big day”, she laughed about it. Therefore, don’t feel defeated it’s your wedding, you call the shots. Besides, you will be helping your vendors keep in business in these trying times.

Do online shopping

The good thing about technology is the fact that retailers now have online shops where one can purchase different stuff from the comfort of your home. It is however important to check crucial measurements on YouTube, get a tape and measure your self and shop your attires online. For her bridal gown, Nontobeko Mangena ordered online the fabric from South Africa, COVID 19 was never a barrier.

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