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Pros and Cons of Eloping

By Ivy Chibanda

As times are changing, with several restrictions and regulations in place, people have begun thinking differently when it comes to weddings and marriage. It’s going to takes a while before those big wedding parties are done thus the consideration of alternatives.


Eloping is simply getting married without your family, friends, or relatives knowing. Usually, the couple goes to a faraway place, finds an officiant and a photographer, and gets married. There are a lot of negative views when it comes to elopements and it is not encouraged by most people, especially the immediate family who would want to be a big part of your day. The ‘devious’ have been known to do this kind of marriage.


In some parts of Africa, especially Zimbabwe, eloping is whereby a girl is impregnated by her boyfriend before lobola is paid, and so they’re forced to marry each other as it is deemed disrespectful to be impregnated before marriage and still stay with your parents. In this part of the world, elopement is not considered a wedding and is not celebrated.


With the changing of times, elopement may become popular, and you may decide to pack your bags with your lover, and get married and inform your families, relatives, and friends that you are married later. Below are the pros and cons of elopement.





*It’s only about you and your partner

When you’re eloping, the day is just about you and your partner and not about anyone else. No family drama or anyone is controlling how this or that goes, it’s all about what you both want.


*No wedding planning

Of course, there will be a little bit of planning, but it’s just a few details. You only plan your trip, find an officiant and photographer. This is unlike the big weddings where you have to look for funds and organize for a lot of things from the venue, décor, catering, transport, etc.


*Elopement and honeymoon combined

You can turn your wedding day into an adventurous honeymoon. You can get married at your honeymoon destination, all you have to do is look for an officiant and photographer in that area and have fun while at it!


*You save the environment

If you’re mindful of the effects of pollution on the environment, you’ll realize that elopement helps in saving the environment. Big weddings have a lot of negative effects on the environment which we may not pay attention to but when you elope as a couple, there is minimum destruction to the environment.



Eloping is very cost-effective. All you have to do is fend for your travel expenses. Some don’t even bother to have a fancy dress or suit so that expense is scrapped off. Your only expense would be for the photographer and maybe an appreciation gift for the officiant. We cannot even start comparing to the cost of a big wedding.




*Weather may not be favorable

You might be tempted to elope during the rainy season. The weather forecast may tell you the weather is favorable but the weather can just change which might disrupt your plans as most likely, you don’t have a backup plan.


*You disappoint your loved ones

Your wedding day is a day your loved ones would want to be a part of. Calling them that you’re already married may not be appropriate and it may hurt the feelings of many people. They’ll be hurt so much that even an after-elopement party won’t suffice.


*No gifts

This is a no-brainer, if you want wedding gifts, you are not going to get them if you elope.

*You might spoil your dress

If it so happens you decide on a beautiful white long dress, with an elopement, you’re most likely to damage your dress. You’d have to buy a dress that you’re comfortable having dirty, especially if you’re going to elope in the wild.

It’s now up to you to makes the final decision. Do what makes you feel comfortable and saves you. Life is about taking chances, just don’t break hearts!

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