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Rough start to the day, beautiful ending

By Ivy Chibanda,

When you’re attracted to someone and fate has it that you’ll be together, nothing can stop you. 2017, Tatenda spotted Mary and fell in love with her there and then. They exchanged contacts but Mary wasn’t so keen about this guy, after all, she was still in high school, doing her lower six.

Fast forward to November 2018, Mary decided to give Tatenda a time of the day and they started dating. After dating for a year, Tatenda knew she was the one and in December 2019, he took her to his parents to show them the woman he wanted to marry. The family was happy and they engaged on the 14th of February 2020. Lobola was then paid on the 7th of March 2020 and they started to prepare for their wedding day.

It was on the 19th of December 2020 that Mary and Tatenda marked the beginning of their marriage journey when they were wedded at number 91 Harare Drive in Marlborough.

For the bride, the day didn’t start as expected, it seemed like everything had gone wrong. First, it was the makeup artist who had promised to come early morning but she never turned up and the worst part was her not answering her phone. The bride’s hairdresser had to make calls to help her find a makeup artist.

The wedding that had been scheduled to begin at 10 am ended up starting at around 1 pm at a beautiful garden ceremony. Walking down the aisle was the bride’s happiest moment, she could have cried tears of joy but she held back her tears, she couldn’t believe it, coming from a family that was looked down upon and the wedding becoming more than a dream but a reality.

The marriage officer delivered a beautiful sermon and led them through the process of the exchange of vows. From the ceremony, the guests had their lunch while the bridal party and their close relatives had their photoshoot. Unfortunately, the food was not as the bride had expected, it was way below standard.

Besides the glitches, the wedding turned out to be an exciting day for the couple. The bridal team provided entertainment with their dances and Tatenda’s workmate sang a beautiful song for the couple. The MC did not disappoint, he kept the crowd engaged and excited.

Although there were disappointments, the most important thing was that they got married and no one can change the happiness in their hearts.

As for advice to future wedding couples, the couple emphasizes doing a background check on your wedding planners before engaging them as their wedding planner changed a lot of things last minute and did not deliver as promised.

Nevertheless, the couple wedded and began their happily ever after.

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