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Showers of rain, showers of blessings

By Ivy Chibanda

Many people have let the people they loved go, simply because they couldn’t approach them; because they probably think they’re out of their league or they’d never give them a chance. This was the case of Nehemiah, except that Nehemiah took his chances and asked Kelly out. 1 year 8 months later, they had their wedding.

Nehemiah Phiri and Kelly Chiware were at the same university and Nehemiah would often admire this beautiful lady from a distance, he couldn’t talk to her as he thought he was way out of her league.

After he graduated, he had to make sure he still had his eyes on her so he thought of a strategy, he had to befriend her friends until he gained the confidence to ask her out. Kelly accepted and the couple dated for eight months. On the 3rd of December 2019, Nehemiah proposed to Kelly at a candle-lit dinner at Elgiboh Lodge in Bulawayo and of course, she said yes. Lobola was paid for on the 25th of May 2020 and they began planning for their wedding day.

20 December 2020, Kelly and Nehemiah tied the knot at lakeshore at Mtirikwi Lakeshore lodges in Masvingo. Their wedding colours, navy blue, and dusty pink came out beautifully in the décor.

The day began with light showers and there was fear that their outdoor wedding wouldn’t come out well but they must have been showers of blessings to bless the day. The showers stopped in no time and the weather turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.

The couple had been nervous with a lot of doubt of what could go wrong but the joys that awaited them and knowing that this was the beginning of their happily ever after calmed them down. The Covid 19 related regulations might have caused a few glitches but overall the day turned out beautiful and perfect in a unique way that they had always wanted it to be.

The most memorable moment of the day was the moment they were pronounced husband and wife.

As for advice to future brides and groom, the couple advises doing all things well on time to avoid last-minute rush and also to delegate duties to the right people that are committed to getting things done.

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