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Country wedding for high-school lovers

By Ivy Chibanda

Theirs is a story of teenage love that bloomed to marriage. No one believed they could make it, but they did, and they are living happy 11 years later.

Tanatsiwa and Coaster first met in high school in January 2010, and they communicated through friends until they started dating. Even they thought it was just teenage love until 2011, when they eloped much to the surprise of everyone as they were still young.

In Zimbabwe, if you elope, the husband must send a certain amount of money to the parents of the girl as a way to announce that he has their child and will come to pay lobola eventually. This token is known as ‘tsvakirai kuno’ loosely translated as ‘search here’. As Tanatsiwa was pregnant, Coaster paid the ‘tsvakirai kuno’ in November 2011 and the couple was blessed with a baby boy in March 2012.

The couple then moved to South Africa in search of jobs and their search was fruitful. After a few years of working, Coaster managed to pay lobola and in 2018, the couple was blessed with another baby boy.

They then decide to have their white wedding in December 2019. The couple wedded at ZAOGA FIF Mhandamabwe at Chivi district in the Masvingo Province. This wedding was a great event, not only for the couple but for both the bride and groom’s families. The wedding preparations where not easy but they managed to pull through and came out with a beautiful wedding.

It was a beautiful event in the village, with beautiful décor highlighting their wedding colours which were peach and maroon. The cake looked and tasted amazing! The bridal team did not disappoint, they looked smart and their dances where part of the highlights of the day.

The most memorable moment of the day was when the bride and groom’s parents sang and dance for the couple. Their Aunt Rebecca gave a beautiful speech which they still remember to date.

Given a chance to change anything, Tanatsiwa would change the venue and pray for better weather as the day was too hot.

Tanatsiwa gives a tip when it comes to love, she says, “Love is not all about money or your background, you can start a new life together through hardwork and love.”

As for advice to future couples, Tanatsiwa says, “A wedding without God is nothing, put God first and be as prayerful as possible.”

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