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By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

Your wedding is likely a standout among the most imperative and critical days of one’s life. without doubt you would need a photographer to catch all the shapes, sizes and points of interest.

Several people have not heard of different kinds photography styles, they think photography is a simple task where all one does is press down on the button. But there is more to it. Hence, we jumped at the chance to work with Harmfree Muchada from Munya K Photography; to give you insights on these wedding photography styles. Their page reviews show that he has a trend of capturing outstanding images.

Traditional photography

These are typical posed straightforward photographs that most people have from their weddings. They are simple and have less or zero drama and you are guaranteed they will stay good, in style for 100 years to come.

Black and white

Black and white does not mean entire removal of picture, it requires its own way of seeing. Harmfree says this photography style is more about editing but there are photographers who use exclusively black and white cameras. “Almost all wedding photographers offer at least several pictures in black and white,” he added.

Landscape photography

This style encompasses photographers shooting weddings in destinations like sunsets or sunrises, mountains, lake, beach; they deal with depicting a natural scenery. As told by Harmfree, landscapes are not as calm and passive environments as they seem for example moving clouds or a waterfall and to convey these movements in an image will create a point of interest and add mood. These photographers capture audacious scene with the couple as part of the landscape image and impressive beauty. “However, a scene can change depending on the weather so choosing a right time to shoot is of critical importance,” he emphasized.

Documentary-style photography

This is also known candid photography. This style focuses on a story in depth over a period of time. It is when pictures are taken without alerting the subjects. Hamfree confirms that photographers using this style are around you all the time. “They let moments unfold naturally, recording the events as they happen. Therefore, when going with this style, you need a photographer who knows when to be indiscernible and has a quiet voice when things insane, a rowdy irksome photographer would probably ruin your day,” he explained.

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