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Wedding photography mistakes couples should avoid

By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

Wedding photographers are not only dedicated to their work, but they make it a point to give you epic shots therefore channelling both theirs and your photography aims into the route of achieving one goal, which is having magic snaps at the end of it all. Therefore, below are the mistakes to avoid when it comes to your wedding pictures; as also told by Hamfree Muchada.

Excessive Practice

Couples want to perfect their poses before the big day that they end up becoming being too self-conscious and unnatural. This might lead to forgetting to live in the moment. “That’s why you hear the photographer telling people to act as if they are not there. I recommend spending that practicing time elsewhere” Harmfree commented. He also pointed out that there are some dos and don’t when it comes to posing natural, for instance the piggyback pose; its rare it looks cute, especially not in a dress.

Having multiple photographers

It becomes difficult to concentrate on two or more photographers and it becomes more difficult for the wedding photographer to snap desired quality pictures as professional pictures will feature other people taking pictures. Harmfree says leaving the picture taking to pros is the way to go.

Trying to replicate other wedding photos

“We have had cases where couples send us pictures, they want to duplicate.You might find others wanting a replica of summer weddings in winter or spring,” he says. In as much as it’s good to envisage your wedding pictures he advises that you should be realistic and be totally you.

Giving your photographers zero breaks

Many couples tend to take advantage of the fact that they have photographers on their payroll hence forgetting they require an extra time as humans. He confirmed that photographers are usually rushed through meals or bathroom breaks. He also added that most wedding agendas have less or zero breathing time allocated to their photographers and the result in such cases is bad quality pictures.

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