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How to handle food shortage at a wedding

By Nobuhle Nleya

A wedding should be one of the happiest days of a couple’s life. The event brings friends and family together in a celebration of love. Drinks flow and food is devoured, and hopefully, everyone gets a piece of it.

However, what can a couple do, when faced with the situation of shortage of food during their special day? One may consider or say that this may be highly unlikely because they might have a backup plan in place or some money saved away, but couples must be well prepared when such a situation arises.

  1. Order readymade food platters from individuals or a restaurant 

This would be the fastest way to handle a food situation. A sign that your guests haven’t all received their food probably shows that your catering team has been overwhelmed therefore requires external intervention. Therefore, when faced with such a situation, couples must then liaise or decide to order readymade food platters that comprise pastries or a variety of takeaways. This way guests won’t feel neglected or not catered for. 

2. The snacks table should not run out

This way your guests have something to nibble on whilst you arrange for them to have their main course. Also, they will appreciate the fact that you have prepared something else for them. 

3. The take me homes as an alternative

Here’s to hoping that as a couple you would have considered having some little goodie bags that your guests would take after the wedding. Some of the guests might decide to leave early, therefore, meaning that they would most likely expect to have a take me home gift, preferably, food hampers that they can carry and consume during their trip back.

4. Discuss a backup plan with your caterer 

The biggest investment you can make on your wedding day is almost always the food. It is highly recommended that as the wedding hosts, you discuss and come up with a solid backup plan of how to handle the shortage of food at your wedding. You can discuss options such as self-serving platters, fruit or chocolate bars, or even savory snacks that can be offered to some of the guests as they wait for food. This will reduce tension amongst your guests and still keep the spirit of celebration in the air.

5. Use the “after-party” to your advantage.

This can be the next best alternative you can use to make sure that your guests do not leave the wedding agitated and not acknowledged. Having an after-wedding celebration at a different wedding venue or the same one with a few beverages and snacks may not be as convincing to a guest but it’s a better option especially if they have something in their stomach. Try to make sure that you offer foods with starch and carbs or even filling foods such as peanuts, almonds, or even pastry. 

Such occurrences at a wedding are not easy to handle but the best you can do as a couple is to make sure that you come up with ways on best to handle the pressure and avoid hunger drama and make your day a memorable one.

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