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Love at first sight : The Church Meeting

By Nobuhle Nleya

From engagement rings to choosing the perfect dress, flowers and continuously calling the catering team just to make sure that your wedding day is absolutely the best, planning a wedding can be stressful. However, one can admit that as long as your better half is in the picture mixed up with a dose of daily prayers, surely everything will fall into place.

Sharon & Caleb

Our focus is on a young, vibrant couple who met at church, sweet matrimony right, and it’s safe to say that it was love at first sight. The bride Sharon Alpha Madziva, who is now Mrs. Mtengwa, had visited her aunt and had decided to accompany her to a local AFM church on Sunday. It was on that day that the groom Caleb Mtengwa got introduced to Sharon by their mutual friend and it was love at first sight.

The couple then went on to date for two years until Caleb decided to make the big move. Like any other person seeking clarity, he consulted Sharon’s best friend if he could propose and how best he could do it. Fast forward to the year 2020, Mr. Mtengwa arranged for a romantic evening with beautiful scenery and hired a photographer to capture this momentous occasion when he would go on one knee and ask this beautiful young lady to be his life partner. Fortunately, without any hesitation and a huge smile, she agreed to be his Mrs. When asked how sure the groom was if Sharon would accept his request, he shared how it was a 70/30 chance that he was willing to take.

You may kiss the bride

Sharon and Caleb planned their wedding with the assistance of both their families. The wedding took place in Hillside, Bulawayo, the bride’s hometown on the 18th of December 2021. The couple did not have a specific theme for their wedding; their only desire was for it to be filled with love.

They had a bridal team which was comprised of six neatly dressed gentlemen and six elegantly dressed ladies. They wore blush pink and black, which were the wedding theme colours. Part of the team was also a mini bride and mini groom who also wore a white dress and black bow-tied suit respectively.

The bridal team

Caleb was smartly dressed in an off-white and black suit alongside his bride who wore an off-shoulder well detailed white dress. The bride topped off the look with some very sparkling accessories and a perfect crown for a perfect bride.

When asked how they knew that they were made for each other, they shared how prayer has been their guide throughout their relationship. With both of them being Christians, they strived to make sure that their relationship was a holy one and further went on to explain that they both had peace throughout the relationship which served as confirmation that they were meant to be.

The couple’s wedding was graced by a choir that they are both parts of, Joyful Praise Choir. The choir showed up in their best and provided entertainment for the wedding. They made sure that this was a day to remember. To add on, the wedding catering was done by Chef Prince who offered only the best mouthwatering dishes that the couple and guests are still talking about up until this day.

The bride shared her advice to future brides, saying that she encourages them to plan their wedding well, plan within their means and be real about what they want. If they can do that, then, they can only expect to have a wedding that will forever be in their hearts.

Beautiful bride

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